An ode, if you will

For you My white male Dominance I have written a poem   An ode, if you will To all the years we’ve spent Happily together and all The times I Stumbled home drunk And pissed of the bridge over The highway Just because I could   This is for you And I hope you don’t mind I hope you don’t mind that I Put down these words For all the times I used my balls as an argument And left the room with only the guys laughing   I give them to you All those times I explained a girl how to hold a Ladder All the times I Told her ‘wow you’re strong!’ And all the times I made her feel like she Was wrong Even though we both knew it was me   I give it to you And no one really needed to hear this poem And it’s taking up too much space already But then again that seemed fitting For you   For you My white male Dominance   I will wear eyeliner Whenever I want to For you I will pile colorful Pillows in my bed Because I do like to cuddle When I sleep For you I will rewrite the history Of this world through great events of compassion And harmony No men will be named Just the energy that was shared that day   And I will see you weep As I give you What you cannot deal with Freedom   You see I will not stand on the Frontlines of a fight For which I have never suffered But I will take a stand Nonetheless   For you My white male Dominance I bought a broom   And like dust on my soul I will sweep you out   So here it is The poem I wrote to you And left on the bedside table while you were Sleeping To say I don’t need you anymore   But don’t worry For even without you I will still take my Dick out And piss off a bridge over the highway Any given night   And I’ll still Get away with it

Maarten Luyten
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