Love and hope - Are felt, not seen

“Some say we find it in the darkest of nights With no candle or light  To brighten up our life Some say it’s in the normal of the day, the wonder Other say it’s in the fear for the thunder We’ll still survive All I know is that I just don’t know What made especially the ‘ow’ in ‘wow’ Some days it’s there Other day it’s gone, and it feels like forever Like it’s forever lost Like I’m a ghost Gone with the smallest wave of wind Like one of a kind  Up in the sky Feet steady on the ground And my head, as always, dreamy in the clouds I suggest my other half, my twin flame, burned out And that’s really a big doubt Surprise me with what you know And with the smallest kind of effort I will laugh But it’s not a real laugh, or honest ‘Dude, like most flowers bloom in august?’ I do not care for you, or you, or you I’ll only be my honest, stupidest, evilest and truest self with him But how many times I’ll burn myself I even speak in rhymes to the books on my shelf I do not learn To the ends of the earth I’ll take him And sing the deadliest most beautifulest hymn  I destroy myself and sadly him too And the sky colours pink blue As both a blessing and message, sharp as knives to those we will become in our next lives All I have learnt is that I’m the sensitive one I laugh, I cry, I live, I overthink, I overrun I had always a connection with the spiritual kind of shit And therefore I’m full of pit I’m the conscious one And that’s so hard, and wrong While he’s drowning in a lake of darkness, unconscious Knockouted on that head, gracious  Some say it’s in the silliness of uncontrolled laughter Other says it’s in the power of only a few hours Or wonder for one another All I know is that hope and love are in our own damned hearts In every hated and loved soul parts And therefor I love him, ‘because he makes me feel How to crash and how to heal Every damn thing, hate, hope, everything in between Because love and hope are the things that are felt not seen And that makes our brains a mess,  And if our hearts win this battle, god bless For those which are forever lost in this perpetual struggle of power In a good environment of love and hope blooms even the darkest flower All I know is that I still feel the difference between love and hate And till the end I will spread and create The light, not the dark, that I am and that I feel And that’s the only way to fully heal.”   Geschreven op 18 juni 2020 "A raw mess"  

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